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Tim Sternat PO Box 16514 Portland OR 97292


Factor E  


Tim Sternat is many things to many people and known by many names Factor E ... Time S Cape ... NONizm777 and who knows how many more? ............  


 Dj at KPFT The Center of the Universe Show Houston: Spent most of my time altering my chemistry ... studying ... writing poetry ... tripping out to San  Francisco


Owner Of The World Famous: AweFull Records and Timeless Studio!

My Bands!

Master Speakes  Tim, Eric and a cast of thousands 

Their is Know Time S Cape Factor E aka Tim Sternat Just another incarnation of me!

Primordial Soup  Tim, Beth, Debbie and a cast of thousands!

Esoterica Landscapes Heaven

Cruor   Ure Thrall, Jim Wilson, Bonnie McNaren, Factor E aka Tim Sternat      

Esoterica landscapes 7  EL7 Factor E (Tim Sternat), Jim Wilson Bonnie McNaren ... Sound scapes with words a legend in their own minds. Releases an lp Hokman Nistarah on Anomie Records with the famous A. C. insert.

Pleasure Center Tim aka Factor E, Linh and a rotisserie. Released Ergo on Rainforest Records with proprietor extraordinary Ray woods! E... Buse on

NONIZM777 Tim Sternat, Janna Wachter, Adelaine Blais

A Boy and His God Machies  Factor E aka Tim Sternat